La Croix Kids is the children’s ministry of La Croix Church. During every weekend worship experience, there is full programming for kids birth-3rd grade in the Reign Forest. Each weekend is designed to be age-appropriate and is filled with energy and excitement!

In addition, the Cape campus has programming for 4th-6th graders in the Middle Ground (located in the basement of the North Wing). Your kids will join us for worship music, then go downstairs for large group activities and discussing the Bible and its relevance to their lives right now.  

All children are checked in and given a name tag before going to a classroom and the parent/guardian/sibling is provided with a duplicate tag for pickup.

Uncomfortable leaving your newborn or child? Ask for a pager when you check your child in and we will page you if your child needs you.

Parent Resources

At Home Weekly

Check out these resources with activities and conversation starters to help equip parents to

spiritually lead their children based on weekend curriculum.

Preschool Parents |  Elementary Parents

With Open Arms (birth - 6th grade) and By Design (7th grade - adult) are our ministries for individuals with special needs. During worship on Saturdays and at the 9:30am on Sunday, arrangements may be made to accommodate the unique learning and care needs of individuals with special needs. Similar arrangements may be made for Student Ministries activities on Wednesdays.

The goal of these ministries is not only to provide an inclusive environment for these individuals to encounter Jesus, it is also to help maximize and support the spiritual growth of friends, caregivers and family members.

Uncomfortable leaving your friend or family member with special needs? Ask for a pager when you check your friend or family member in and we will page you if needed.

For more info about La Croix Special Needs Ministries, contact Sarah DeClue.


None of our family ministries would be possible without the many amazing volunteers that give time and energy each week. 

  If you are interested in volunteering, click on the ministry you're interested in to contact someone about more info.          Kids

(Birth-24 months) - Jen McBride

(2 yrs-preK) - Brittney Crossett

(K-3rd grade) - Jessica Detert

Children with Special Needs - Sarah DeClue

Students - JoAnna Sams

College - Jeffrey Waters


If you volunteer in any of our La Croix Kids ministries, access your schedule below.

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