Create a welcoming environment on the weekend by making coffee, restocking the coffee bar and cleaning up after worship.

Help prepare and serve communion during weekend worship experiences and other events throughout the week.

Assist in providing snacks for the weekend hospitality volunteer teams to enjoy before/after worship experiences.

Help La Croix attendees engage in the worship experience before they walk into the worship center by providing a visual journey from the lobby to the stage. The visual journey is vital to the overall story being told for our weekend experiences and other events that happen at La Croix Church.

Let guests know they are welcome and valued by opening doors, greeting guests and handing out bulletins.

Create a welcoming environment by keeping all interior plants healthy and happy.

Help people find seats during weekend worship. Assist in counting attendance and cleaning up your assigned section following worship.

Greet guests and help them find the answers to their questions. Welcome first time guests and give them a small gift.

Provide snacks for the volunteers and staff who serve on the weekend worship and tech teams to enjoy before/after each worship experience.