Help La Croix attendees engage in the worship experience before they walk into the worship center by providing a visual journey from the lobby to the stage. The visual journey is vital to the overall story being told for our weekend experiences and other events that happen at La Croix Church.

Help lead the congregation in worship by providing non-distracting excellence during the weekend experiences, during worship nights and other events. We are always taking applications, especially if you play  drums, bass and/or keyboard!

Bring the story to life through operating and maintaining camera equipment, supporting and assisting the camera team, and managing footage.

While film is mostly considered a visual medium, the sound recorded on set by a production sound mixer and boom operator is just as important in telling a great story.

A camera can only capture what it sees. Lighting plays a crucial role through a variety of tools in making sure the subject and story are captured with the desired look, mood, and atmosphere.

A great production department is filled with efficient, administrative minds all in great communication with one another. Location booking, catering, creating shoot-day schedules, budgeting, and coordinating transportation are just a few of the many organizational roles which fall within this department.

Without a proper, cohesive appearance for the set and cast, a film just doesn’t land how it should. The art department is made up of hair and make-up artists, fashion show enthusiasts, location scouts, bargain shoppers, DIYers to build a set from scratch, and visionary interior designers who can skip on Pinterest to make a room look oh so dreamy

Before making a film, you must have a story. This compilation of creative pioneers, storytellers, and dreamers gather far before the cameras roll to make sure the story told is developed with the most creative and impactful approach possible.

New to film? This alert, get-it-done, catch-all role is a great way to learn about the many positions on set by providing support through various tasks throughout the filming process such as picking up breakfast, standing in for lighting placement, running to the store to grab a forgotten prop, giving high fives – you never know what might happen, but everyone loves and appreciates a solid PA.