Dear Friends

We are in uncharted territory. It is impossible to avoid the impact COVID-19 is having and the need for us to step up and be leaders in the community in how we address the changes taking place all around us.

We want you to know that we have a dedicated team of leaders focused on staying up-to-date on all things related to the coronavirus, but that does not mean that leadership is panicking. We are simply responding with urgency, because we believe that is the responsible thing to do.

Many of you saw on the news and social media that the CDC made a recommendation that group gatherings be limited to 50 people or less for the next two months. And as we write this email, the President is on TV recommending we avoid gatherings of 10 or more. We realize these are only recommendations, but as a people the community is looking to for direction, we believe these are good and wise recommendations to follow. 

Thus, effectively immediately, La Croix will NOT HAVE PUBLIC WEEKEND WORSHIP experiences until further notice. During that time, we will live stream weekend worship beginning THIS weekend.  

You can participate in weekend worship via the website or app during all regularly scheduled Cape campus worship times: Saturday 5:30pm, Sunday 9:30am and 11am. This will require a minor time adjustment for those of you accustomed to worshiping in Benton. There will be online campus pastors available via chat during all livestream events. Once the event is over, it will be edited down to the sermon only, which will be uploaded to the website/app. This means the ONLY WAY to see the entire service (music and all) will be to login at a regularly scheduled time. 

All links for live streaming will be blasted out in various formats later this week.

Effective immediately, we will also suspend the meetings of all groups and classes on campus and we recommend small groups discontinue meeting and gather by virtual means. This may take some teaching/coaching on our end, so be ready to help walk people through that. This may seem like overreacting to some of our groups – but it is our intention to avoid any non-essential contact and the potential carrying of the virus from house to house by people not even experiencing symptoms.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you posted. Please make sure you are checking our website, the app or social media. This is where you will find the most up-to-date information.

Continually in prayer with you,

The Leadership of La Croix