our staff

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  • Ron watts

    Senior pastor

    Ron is the founding pastor of La Croix. His role is to give direction to the spiritual life of the church and is the primary teacher on the weekend.

  • brett cheek

    spiritual formation & teaching pastor

    Brett is responsible for a significant amount of teaching on the weekends, as well as providing leadership to the Spiritual Formation team and Family Ministry team.

  • Jeff Peters

    Executive Director

    Jeff provides supervision, coaching, mentoring, and encouragement to the church staff. He helps equip staff to accomplish the mission and vision of La Croix. 

  • mary caldwell

    executive assistant to ron watts

    Mary attends to any business that involves Ron, including managing his crazy schedule. She also coordinates details for weddings, funerals, baptisms and membership classes.

  • Barb byrum

    administrative assistant

    Barb manages the administrative side of the main office. She also assists Local Mission ministries with administrative tasks associated with their job while being the first smiling face people encounter when they enter the office.

  • kim holman

    Discipleship director

    As part of the Spiritual Formation team, Kim works closely with small group leaders to put systems in place that will further growth. She is also working with the SF team to develop a new discipleship system.

  • cindy walton

    spiritual formation coordinator

    Cindy manages the operations side of Spiritual Formation. She works closely with Brett and that team to make things happen!



    Molly works in the Spiritual Formation team, where she creates easy next steps for people to get connected at La Croix. ¿Habla español? Sea parte de nuestra comunidad. Molly habla español y le encantaría hablar contigo el día de hoy. ¡Siéntete libre de enviarle un correo! 

  • sharon ford

    administrative assistant

    Sharon serves as support to the Spiritual Formation team and helps with any needs they may have in carrying out their responsibilities.

  • Collin smith

    benton campus pastor / graphic artist

    Collin is currently learning all aspects of La Croix ministry in preparation for his new role as Benton Campus Pastor in addition to assisting with graphic needs.

  • Clinton Walker

    benton worship leader

    Clinton is the primary weekend worship leader at the Benton campus.

  • Jennifer Gadberry

    Benton children's ministry coordinator

    Jennifer and Amanda share the responsibility of coordinating children’s ministry programming for the weekends at our Benton Campus.

  • Amanda Walker

    Benton Children's Ministry Coordinator

    Amanda and Jennifer share the responsibility of coordinating children’s ministry programming for the weekends at our Benton Campus.

  • JOsh reeves

    creative arts director

    Josh gives leadership to the Creative Arts team and is responsible for their development and growth. As the primary Graphic Artist, he is also responsible for communicating our series, ministries and events through original graphic design.

  • dave pfanstiel

    weekend director

    Dave is responsible for all of the components of the weekend worship experience, along with any other events that take place in the worship center. He is also responsible for the development of the teams who make the weekends happen.

  • Jordan Copeland

    Worship director

    Jordan is part of the Creative Arts team and is the primary worship leader at the Cape campus each weekend. He is also responsible for the development of leaders and teams to lead worship on the weekend and in various other environments.

  • Tyler Myers

    video producer

    Tyler is part of the Creative Arts team, where he creates original video and works closely with the team on the branding of our series. He also provides media support to other ministry areas.

  • zach stanfield

    digital media specialist/CREATIVE ARTS COORDINATOR

    Zach is part of the Creative Arts team, where he produces the weekend worship experience video for the Benton campus, manages the video control room on the weekends and oversees the training of video volunteers. He also gives administrative support to the Creative Arts team.

  • Nick Pupek

    communication coordinator

    Nick collaborates with all teams in writing and proofing materials for internal and external communication for La Croix. He also assists with media planning and provides support to the Media Arts team.

  • paul smollen

    technical director

    Paul is responsible for overseeing the purchase, install and maintenance of all technical equipment for all La Croix facilities.

  • angel hillman

    business & hr director

    Angel gives leadership to the HR Coordinator and the Accounting & Finance Manager and is responsible for developing and implementing a healthy staff culture and maintaining the integrity of La Croix’s business practices.

  • jane kurre

    accounting & finance manager

    Jane is responsible for preparation of all financial reporting and makes sure that contributions and disbursements are properly handled. She also assists the Communications Team in writing/proofing and implementing content. 

  • staci class

    Human Resources Coordinator

    Staci works with the HR Director to help get systems, processes and procedures in place to help us honor our most valued resource - our people.

  • wayne shockley

    facilities manager

    Wayne works hard at making great facilities even greater. He is in charge of all of our buildings, (Cape campus, Benton campus, Ignite House and The Bridge) inside and out.

  • jeffrey waters

    ignite pastor

    Jeffrey works with college age persons to help them grow in this crucial time of their lives. The college ministry is called Ignite and is primarily on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.

  • Tom Muir

    Family Ministry Pastor

    Tom provides leadership to the Student Ministry team and is responsible for their development and growth.

  • joanna sams

    administrative assistant - Family Ministry | Ignite | Benton Campus

    JoAnna assists Student and Children's Ministries, Ignite and the Benton Campus to make sure that they have everything they need to succeed in their roles. 

  • bLAine brunkhorst

    student Teaching pastor

    Blaine works with the Student Ministry team to provide weekly gatherings for jr High and Sr high students. In addition, he oversees all teaching and discipleship for Student Ministries.

  • Jared Ritter

    Student Ministry Coordinator

    Jared assists the Student Ministry team with events and weekly gatherings and builds relationships with students. He is also the Director of Xtreme Camp.

  • sarah declue

    Children's ministry director

    Sarah leads the Children's Ministry Team and works to infuse the vision of La Croix into everything that happens in the Reign Forest. Sarah is also a catalyst for helping to equip parents to be the spiritual leaders of their home.

  • jen mcbride

    nursery coordinator

    Jen is responsible for the team-building and management of volunteers to care for infants during weekend worship celebrations.

  • brittney crossett

    Preschool coordinator

    Brittney leads and develops a team of volunteers to provide a safe and fun educational environment for the preschoolers of La Croix. She also establishes the curriculum for the preschool area of the Reign Forest.

  • Jessica detert

    Elementary Coordinator

    Jess develops and leads a team of volunteers to provide a safe and fun educational environment for the Elementary students of La Croix. She also establishes the curriculum for the Elementary areas of the Reign Forest.