New to la croix?

What can I expect on the weekend? A 60-minute worship experience designed to equip and inspire you to live the life God intended for you. You'll also find a casual environment with today’s music, quality media, and a relevant message.

Oh...and come early. There's always hot coffee waiting for you!

What about my children? While you relax, decompress and hear God’s great plans for your life - your kids get a chance to do the same thing in an age-appropriate environment in The Reign Forest or Middle Ground.

If it makes you more comfortable to leave your little ones in the Reign Forest, grab a pager,

and enjoy your worship experience without worry.

Anything for older students? We love teenagers! No seriously, we do. We absolutely keep you in mind when planning our weekend worship experiences and want you to feel confident and comfortable hanging with your parents during that time. 

However, outside of weekend worship, we would love to see you get involved with our Student Ministries